Use of Botox in traetment of other conditions

For example, Botox used to treat people who have a condition that causes excess sweating, and now doctors are using it to treat enlarged prostates.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH ( It's a condition that involves overgrowth of normal tissue in the prostate) is a normal part of aging, but BPH causes symptoms including difficulty urinating as well as increased frequency and urgency.

Treatment options include medication, surgery and less invasive options such as heat therapy to burn away excess tissue.

Using ultrasound guidance, doctors inject the Botox into the part of the prostate that is overgrown and squeezing the urethra. The medicine causes those tissues to relax, allowing urine to flow more normally.

Botox can not only relax the musculature much like some of the medicines do, but additionally it may actually reduce the size of the prostate. That shrinkage could be up to 50 percent. Even though It may only last six to nine months, perhaps a year, but if there's truly a shrinkage of the prostate, that's going to take some time to regenerate. This sounds very promising.

In next post I will discuss role of Botox in Migrain Traetment

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