Beauty before age

Does older really mean wiser? Clearly not for many Hollywood stars. With dozens of ageing celebs denying they have had any cosmetic help, despite undergoing regular anti-ageing ‘procedures’, many claim their unfeasibly youthful looks are all down to “moisturising, avoiding the sun and drinking water.”

But a growing number of celebs are now admitting to their anti-ageing habits. Eternally youthful 40-somethings Kylie and supermodel LINDA EVANGELISTA have finally conceded they are die-hard Botox devotees, while gorgeous JENNY McCARTHY claims “Just a little bit” of Botox goes a very long way to keeping her happy.

But the injectible fave is frowned on by a few. GERI HALLIWELL claims Botox gave her a headache, whilst JENNIFER ANISTON said her one Botox experience made her feel like she ‘‘had a weight on my head.”

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