Botox for Beauty

Botox - a safe route to looking younger than your years
The Gazette (Montreal) - Quebec,Canada
"Because I'm in the beauty industry, I'm incredibly sensitive to how I present myself," said the 57-year-old makeup artist. "I still have to be relevant to ...
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Elle Macpherson: a model mother
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
Some women choose to have Botox and, so on the outside, bodies and faces are not ageing the way they were two generations ago. “That younger appearance ...
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Odd disco craze: Free boob jobs - San Francisco,CA,USA
... many lured by Internet beauty junket deals that promise Botox treatments, a week on a big ranch, face-lifts with trips to the majestic Iquazu Falls. ...
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Life After Botox
Botox has been widely use not only in area of cosmetology but also in the field of medicine. A lot of lives have changed because of this and they cannot be more thankful enough to show how happy they are with the results that Botox has ...
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Botox and Beauty Treatments
By sandey_dee(sandey_dee)
I have recently seen advertisements for home botox and filler kits that anyone can buy at the chemist! IMHO that is wrong on SO many levels! Firstly, why would anyone willingly inject poison into their body so that they can have a ...
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Is Botox For You?
There is no need to show your true age. Nobody should have to “grow old gracefully,” that’s really just a nice way of saying … Source:Is Botox For You? No Tags.
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Imeldific Rhetoric
By scott saboy
... a facelift and skin bleach (read:Botox, Restylane, Hydroquinone). But as cultural critics would say, the binary concept of beauty and ugliness is a social construct and may easily become a vehicle for power by the dominant class. ...
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University Medical Face Lift Wrinklefree Replace Botox and ...
WrinkleFree - At Home Wrinkle Reversal System Replace Botox* and Restylane* without the injections!!!! WrinkleFreeTM relaxes wrinkles first with GABA, a natural muscle relaxer found in our own bodies, and then fills them in with ...
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