Wrinkle filler vs Wrinkle reducer : What you will prefer?

Instead of wrinkle filler, wouldn’t you prefer an effective natural wrinkle reducer? Or, how about something that fills them in, making them less visible, and reduces them, over time? There’s something new that will do just that.

New Zealand’s KERATEC Company has found a way to extract keratin from sheep’s wool, make it soluble and digestible, without destroying the functionality of the protein. Keratin is normally hard and non-soluble. In the past, companies have had to denaturalize it, rendering it inactive, in order to include it in lotions and creams.

Through a patented process KERATEC solved the problem. The “functional” keratin can be found in the best wrinkle filler on the market and will soon be available in dietary supplements that support bone and joint health.

As a natural wrinkle reducer the protein has shown many benefits in clinical studies. It works as wrinkle filler by refracting light and making the skin appear smoother than it actually is. But, that’s not all it can do.

As we age, our bodies produced fewer new skin cells. The outer layers become thinner and more easily damaged. Aging skin cells produce more free radicals, while levels of antioxidants that normally prevent free radicals from damaging the cellular membrane and collagen fibers continue to decrease.

Free radical damage causes the release of a chemical compound that increases inflammation and redness. All of these molecular changes lead to sagging wrinkled skin.

KERATEC’s natural wrinkle reducer has been shown in clinical studies to increase skin cell proliferation by as much as 160% in as little as three days. It has antioxidant activity doubling that of vitamin C. So, it gets the free radicals back under control.

It blocks the release of the chemical that leads to inflammation by as much as 70%. And it increases firmness and elasticity by 27% immediately.

Most moisturizers on the market increase firmness initially, but when measured 24 hours later, the levels have returned to normal. With this new wrinkle filler, firmness and elasticity remains 22% higher.

Now, you have to be careful, because there is another so-called natural wrinkle reducer on the market that is actually a synthetically created protein. It has never been tested for safety and if the company’s claims are true, the FDA says that it should be classified as a new drug and fully analyzed before being returned to the market.

Marketers advertise is as a Botox alternative. It’s called Argireline and it is a common ingredient in wrinkle filler. According to manufacturer claims, it paralyzes tiny facial muscles. That’s something that you really don’t want to do. The effects could be permanent.

The best choice is to look for Functional Keratin and other ingredients that you’ll recognize like coenzyme Q10, natural vitamin E, seaweed extract and grape seed oil. Remember that most companies do not include enough active components to be effective.

The active compounds may account for as little as 10% of the ingredients. The best natural wrinkle reducer is composed mostly of active compounds, at least 40%. Now, you know what to look for.


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