Botox for Beauty

Nicky Kinnaird: In the line of beauty
Times Online - UK
This approach touched a nerve at a time when the growing interest in Botox and cosmetic surgery has made many women take skincare more seriously. ...
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Times Online

Are edible cosmetics the way forward?
Times Online - UK
But are natural cosmetics better for us, or is this just another beauty fad? Do you fancy munching your moisturiser? Or tasting your toner? ...
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Vintage material
Scotsman - United Kingdom
Follow the route of lip plumping, bum tucks, tum tucks, boob implants and Botox, and the chances are you might well end up looking like an android. ...
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Naturally Nasty - The Top 10 Natural Ingredients You Need to Avoid
By Left Brain
And as Botox demonstrates, there is a safe way to use "toxic" ingredients no matter where they come from. Have we missed any natural toxins? Leave a comment and the Beauty Brains community know.
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The Beauty Of Anti-Aging Medicine
By myideas1
She has trained with national experts and a plastic surgeon in the use of fillers and Botox for wrinkle reduction. She has also received specialized training in treating chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia with nutritional, ...
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Botox or No Botox?
I have some very good friends in their mid 40 s who are avid 'botoxers.' While I find the use of botox fascinating, I decided Source:Botox or No Botox? No Tags.
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Botox for Beauty
By Vachak(Vachak)
Stay young forever Hindustan Times - India The answer to ageless beauty lies not as much in beauty products and injectables like botox and miracles of plastic surgery as it does in simple lifestyle. ... See all stories on this topic ...
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